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Richard A. LaBarbiera

Date: Monday, March 13, 2017
Location: Borough Hall

  1. Meeting called to order at 7:05pm
  2. Pledge of Allegiance
  3. Roll Call
    1. Daniel Tornatore - present
    2. Gerald Anthony - present
    3. Tom Caiaffa - present
    4. Susan Golden - present
    5. Jorge Quintana - present
    6. Melissa Marte - present
    7. Matt Gugliano - present
    8. Tony Landa - present
    9. Joseph Garcia - present
    10. Paramus High School students - present
  4. Approval of February 13, 2017 minutes
    1. Motion - Daniel
    2. Second - Susan
  5. Budget Report - waiting on budgets still
  6. Council Report - none
  7. Farmer's Market
    1. Gigi would like to do a county art show twice during season
    2. Wants to acknowledge library employees
    3. Wants to advertise in 201 magazine not Bergen Record
    4. Needs another table with chairs
    5. Jorge - need flyers for Earth Day
  8. Earth Day - April 23, 2017 12-3pm
    1. Daniel - spoke with Tesla waiting on follow up response
    2. Melissa - updated Google Docs
      1. Susan - request to put initials next to which ones called
    3. Jorge - introduced Mr. and Mrs. Bruno and their food truck Que Pasa USA
      1. Have participated in sporting events with Joe Garcia
      2. Asked for prices
      3. Nicole - should have menu ready in 10 business days
      4. Empanadas as well as American staples like chicken fingers, sandwiches etc.
      5. Have been town resident for 9 years/husband is retired veteran
      6. Jorge - vote on food truck
        1. All in favor
    4. Gigi should attend next meeting
      1. Would like her to provide BARK adoptions for Earth Day
      2. Possibly use Donut vendor from last year for Earth Day
    5. Jorge - we need a second meeting this month, before April's meeting
    6. Jorge - "if assignment is given to you please have done"
    7. BMW is bringing electric car / CVS pharmacy coming/DJ Shawn/Metropolitan plant exchange will be donating two plants
    8. Need to send letters to Borough agencies - Nicole will handle town vendors
    9. Jorge - put in order for Westside party rentals - invoice given to Nicole
    10. Jorge - Artistic Giraffe was doing pro bono but is now $200
    11. Paramus resident Danielle Denoia is singing National Anthem
    12. Gerry - Wildman Steve Brill is $450 he knows local flora and can offer two 1 hour tours
      1. Susan - can he bring samples instead of tours?
      2. Daniel - does he think he can do it within area provided
      3. Matt - will keep children occupied
      4. Mrs. Toulougian - won't keep occupied for an hour unless provide "seeking games"
      5. Jorge - will only work with fair weather
      6. Susan - wishes he could do prep beforehand / wants to know he's a guaranteed hit
      7. Susan - motion to hire Wild man
        1. Daniel - second
        2. All in favor
    13. Mrs. Touloughian - suggested Spartanettes for entertainment - books quickly
    14. Tony will handle and is also coordinating with Mr. Donellan
    15. Jorge - "The Bat Man" is $350
      1. Susan - any objections to both coming?
      2. All in favor for both
    16. Susan - can give slide show on climate
      1. Jorge - would be something for separate tent or table/ stage being used for dancers and DJ
    17. Jorge - set up another meeting for Tuesday March 28 at 7pm
      1. Need to check with Borough Clerk
    18. Jorge - need table count by 28th
    19. Jorge - looking to raffle off an item
    20. Jorge - advertisements in paper for Earth Day (about $1,200)
      1. Need to know about money we have to spend
  9. New business
    1. Joe Garcia - ask Sheri Biondi and Joe D'Arco for meeting
    2. Shirt orders - "stand for what you stand on" with Paramus Environmental Commission provided by APES/HOPE club
    3. Susan - went to Denver for Climate Reality Leadership program
      1. Learned to give slide show presentation on how climate change is changing the earth/what people are doing to mitigate climate change
  10. Old Business
  11. Communications
  12. Adjournment
    1. Motion: Daniel Tornatore
    2. Second: Susan Golden
    3. Meeting adjourned at 8:20 PM
Paramus Environmental Commission
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